Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Google Calendar Gadgets

Yes, this is cool ...
Calendar Gadgets:

...Calendar Gadgets are special events that appear as icons above a day's events. When clicked, the icon can pop up with any image, webpage, or Google Gadget....

...The only required field is the icon URL. In its most simple form, Calendar Gadget content can consist of just the icon above the day's events — like the Phases of the Moon calendar in the above image. If you want to point to a webpage or image, the type, width, and height must also be provided. For example, the birthday reminder below pops up with an image, and the Movie Releases calendar pops up with an HTML page with movie details...
But what I really want is robust synchronization with Outlook. Pretty please Google?

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  1. Hey John: - I just signed up for the Plaxo Upgrade 30 day trial ... which has Outlook sync to google cal. Not sure I'll shell out the cash when the trial is over .. we'll see.

    Seems to work pretty well so far.