Friday, December 07, 2012

Corporate spam: my current blacklist and a proposal.

My spam stream used to be dominated by male enhancement programs, phishing attacks, and gifts from mysterious strangers.

Those were the good old days. Managing the reputation of authenticated sending services took care of most of that stream. I enjoy deleting the thousand or so spams a week Google filters for me. (Did Apple ever figure this out btw? Apple's spam-incompetence has been indisputable evidence that they are dying on the net.)

Now my spam stream is dominated by "legitimate" spam. It looks a lot like my mailbox used to look, back when we had post offices and home delivery. It's full of junk mail from political parties, non-profits, and companies who can somehow claim I've done business with them - in some alternate timeline.

Google won't block this spam stream for me. (Yet.) For the moment, however, these "real" companies use persistent domain names. So I can use old-fashioned domain blacklists on them.

At home I block everything related to the political parties who are interested in me. At work it's all corporate. My current blacklist is below with noteworthy domains in bold [1]

I have some sympathy for the marketing departments of these companies. That's why I have a proposal.

Authenticate your email with a digitally signed "DonationPaid" (signing authority TBD). This means every email sent donates 30 cents to an approved charity, something like CARE.ORG.

I promise not to blacklist those.

[1] Current corporate blacklist


Unknown said...

Complianceonline is the worst. They refused to remove my email address from their list so I ended up having to change my address. Huge PITA

Unknown said...

I thought MentorHealth might be legit so I sent them an unsubscribe. Nope. Still get messages. (The email address they are hitting belonged to someone else previously.) Why would anyone pay $250 for a seminar on common sense privacy rules?