Thursday, December 11, 2003

Apple - Discussions - Changes to the iBook power supply

Apple - Discussions - Changes to the iBook power supply
I own a 1.5 yo G3 dual USB 600MHz iBook. I have recently replaced the battery (down to 40 min life) and the power supply (crummy cheap plastic sheath came off the end).

The only replacements offered are the G4 power supply and battery. A few comments

1. the new battery is much higher amperage, on a G3 it's good for about 4-5 hours depending on whether one uses wireless or note.

2. The new power supply looks very similar to the old one, but it is improved. The plugs slide on and off and fit both power supplies, but the new power supply does not come with the international plugs that I think my iBook came with. The new supplies power cord is very heavy and has a 3 pronged plug, the old power cord was delightfully light and had a 2 pronged plug. The new cord will NOT fit on the old power supply.

The new 65W power supply outputs higher current.

The old supply was 24V 1.875A.
The new supply is 24.5V 2.85A

I'm a bit surprised that the higher Amp power supply will work with my iBook, but that's what the box and web site say.

The new power supply replaced the frail tip on the old one with a sturdier looking plastic cover, and the the plastic post on the old supply is now metal.

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