Monday, February 02, 2004

OS X: fixing a remote services failure by deleting keychain items

iPhoto 4
Re: Unable to Order Prints
John Roche

I wrote previously about not being able to order prints or books with iPhoto 4. It was driving me crazy and I may have figured out the problem. It appears to be a keychain related issue. Look for a file in your keychain called "net services for" mine had a corrupted password of jumbled characters. I just deleted the file (not the whole key chain!) and like magic I was now able to connect to the ordering page with iPhoto.

This worked for ordering prints, but when I tried to do a book it hung after assembling as before. Again, it appears to be a key chain issue. The newly generated file 'Net Services' for has a jumbled password. This time I did NOT delete it but simply change the password to my correct password and all was well.

I think there's a keychain utility that handles this somewhere ...

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