Friday, April 09, 2004

Apple - Discussions - Altec inMotion speakers & iPod resets

Apple - Discussions - Altec inMotion speakers & iPod resets: "I'm very concerned that the Altec inMotion cradle is damaging iPods. I too am having increasingly curious behavior associated with inMotion use. It goes something like this:

1. Insert into cradle.
2. Remove from cradle.
3. iPod seems fully charged.
4. iPod goes to sleep abruptly, (resets?).
5. Wake up iPod, battery is totally drained.

PS. If you do use the inMotion, the manufacturer's recommended insert/removal procedure includes directions to UNPLUG the darned thing -- not just turn it off.

Given the odd recommendations from Altec about insertion/removal, and these crashing behaviors, I strongly recommend against purchase of this device unless we hear some definitive commentary from Apple or Altec."

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