Saturday, June 26, 2004

macosxhints - Print to an Airport Extreme USB printer from WinXP

macosxhints - Print to an Airport Extreme USB printer from WinXP: "Having just set up my home network, consisting of one Windows XP Pro Workstation (Ethernet), one Apple PowerBook 12' (AirPort) and an AirPort Extreme BaseStation, the only piece of the puzzle missing was sharing my Epson USB Printer.

The PC is fairly noisy, so I didn't want to have to use it to share the printer, especially when the BaseStation can do the task. I couldn't find any documentation on the net about connecting to a shared printer on the BaseStation from Windows, so set about working out how to do it myself. After whipping out the trusty ol' Network Utility and portscanning the BaseStation, it revealed that (among others) Port 9100 was open (Raw LPR/JetDirect).

From here on, it was a simple matter of setting up the PC with the required printer drivers, and setting the port to print to as a Standard TCP/IP Port on (the BaseStation's IP address) using Raw LPR to Port 9100."
The Airport base station is supposed to work with XP if one selects JetDirect. Doesn't work for me. I'll try Raw LPR setup and port 9100. I wonder if I need to turn on WAN printing ... I'll try port scanning too.

Update: I've found the AEBS won't detect the HP if I plug in the USB cable. I have to plug in the cable then reset the AEBS. Annoying!

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