Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Buying John's DV camcorder: Sony DCR-HC40

dvspot review: Sony DCR-HC40

I like the DVSpot reviews. They're confirming what I gather from the Amazon user reviews and other sources. 2004 cameras were in many ways a step down from 2003 cameras, and 2005 may be even worse. I wonder what's going on.

Nobody has great quality, but sadly both Amazon and Consumer Reports are very critical of Canon quality. Sad. I'm no SONY fan, but they seem to have better quality -- at least for camcorders

Higher priced is not necessarily better. The money buys crummy still photos -- I'd rather use my quite nice digital camera.

One warning sign seems to be > 12x optical zoom. It seems to be a marker for a badly designed camera.

This DCR HC40 seems to be less of a step backwards than some of its peers. Otherwise I'm leaning to a Canon Elura 65/70 or a (mere) Canon ZR.

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