Monday, January 24, 2005

iPhoto 5 is worrisome

Apple - Discussions - iPhoto 5 Strips Color Profiles!

This doesn't look pretty.

1. Not suited to use on a G3 machine. Too slow to tolerate, several editing tools unavailable.
2. Strips out color profiles when editing, seems to ignore system ColorSync settings.
3. Reports of unuseable Libraries after upgrading from earlier versions.
4. Various problems with book editing.

Software QA is my primary concern with Apple. What are they doing?

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  1. These seem to be largely second hand descriptions of problems that are unsubstantiated. I've been using iPhoto 5 for a few days and haven't had the problems you're talking about. To get rid of the slowness try making your thumbnails smaller -- when I had them so that they were 2 across it slowed the app dramatically, making them smaller made a *huge* difference.

    The problems with the G3 are unfortunate but are to be expected as that processor ages. It *is* supported, just not completely. Does the fact that Photoshop CS takes forever to load on my 300mhz G3 mean that Adobe has sloppy software QA?

    I haven't experienced the problem with editing causing color profiles to be stripped.

    I had no problem upgrading my library and neither has anyone else that I've spoken to. This may be just a tiny vocal percentage which, let's face it, there will always be.

    Book editing problems...such as?

    This type of post is my primary concern with blogging -- sloppy reporting based on second hand poorly documented problems. If you're getting this from the Apple discussion groups you might want to consider that for the most part the only people posting there are the ones that are having problems so it tends to magnify small glitches until they appear to be big problems.

    Again, I'm not saying that people aren't having problems, I'm just saying that I haven't had any. Tthis article makes it sound as though these problems are widespread when I don't think they are.