Monday, May 09, 2005

Add 'Find Target' to XP Right Click (Context) Menu

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Once upon a time, in the first golden age of the PC, PC Magazine ran a regular "utility" column that featured ingenious solutions to the limitations of what was then DOS. This continued into the first generation of Windows 3.1 and even into Windows 95, then it died out as many of the advertising supported hobbyist magazines went under (of which the greatest loss, by far, was BYTE).

I thought of this when I went looking for a fix to an age-old annoyance -- a quick to go from a windows 'shortcut' (file/folder alias) to the original. (The usual route is RMB, then properties, then 'Find Target ...').

It turns out this is not hard to do. I found sample code in several places, and a registry hack on this page.

However, it's not "packaged" the way things were in the old days. The "hobbyist" energy that used to provide a myriad of such solutions has faded away. I'm sure this has been done a hundred times, but each solution has been lost in a mass of noise.

In the OS X world, the enthusiast energy, and the general coherence of the OS, means these problems get solved and the solution is maintained and available.

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