Monday, June 13, 2005

Image Sharpness Problems under iPhoto 5.x

iPhoto (Part 13, Macintouch)

Tom H. Koornwinder

Dave Middleton wrote on June 1 about iPhoto under Tiger: "When editing only the sharpen bar to sharpen a photo, while changing nothing else, the photo sharpens fine. Then while saving, the photo reverts to the previous more fuzzy state, and the sharpened edit cannot be saved at all."

I observed the same phenomenon (under system 10.3), but then I found an Apple help file "iPhoto: Sharpness adjustment may not be apparent when viewing at less than 100 percent", where this is explained. In reality the sharpness changes were saved, but since the image has been re-aliased to fit your screen, the image's true sharpness may not be apparent. To evaluate whether an image is sharp or needs sharpening, always view the photo at 100 percent/full size.

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