Friday, June 17, 2005

When Apple support fails: the customer relations number

iMac G5 (Part 11) notes:
So thanks very much to the folks at the Apple Customer Relations department and to the guys at the Apple Store in Houston. I can't forget the folks at MacInTouch for providing this forum for discussing the problem and possible solutions. And the big thanks go to Stephen Hart for forcing me to call the Customer Relations phone line (800-767-2775). And final thanks go to the companies which make external FireWire hard drives so that people like me can make data backups.
If you're having problems with Apple's service, this is a place to go.

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  1. I am completely disappointed with Apple Store. We ordered a 2010 Christmas present MacBoob Pro) for our eldest son, who will be graduating high school soon this coming year. This is a major expense for us but we figure that is also a wise investment.

    Apple separated the shipment into 3 parts and invoiced our bank account (we used our bank card to pay) for four payments (.53 cents, $1171.00, $289.55, and $1171.53). Yes indeed, Apple Store charged us twice for the same amount. We promptly called our bank, Wells Fargo, and had to file a claim for the double-charge. Wells Fargo informed us that this claim could take up to 30 days to resolve. This does not help us much given that our mortgage payment is due in seven days. Merry Christmas to us from Steve Jobs.

    Next, we called the customer support line at Apple Store. We’ve now made five calls to the Apple Store customer disservice clowns with no resolution. What’s funny, in a very bad way, is how they just spew out the same robotic corporate telemarketer rhetoric, and do not get anything resolved. We are told that the double-charge “should” drop off in the next 30 days. Well, Steve Jobs, we need this money for our mortgage payment that is due in seven days.

    We consider ourselves as savvy and experienced, long-time internet shoppers. We have never had a problems like this. Given this low, low quality of customer service, it is amazing that Apple Store is still in business. We will never do business with Apple Store again. Now we need to go and find some funds to cover our mortgage until our double-charge from Apple Store is reversed.