Friday, July 15, 2005

Dell 1600n multifunction printer for OS X?

Dell Printers

It's time to replace my Apple LaserWriter Select 360. I can still find compatible cartridges, but when I bought a low end personal HP LaserJet for my mother I realized how big and loud that old tank is. For my current purposes the HP would make more sense.

Or I could get an integrated fax, document scan and print solution. Something like the Dell 1600n, which is said to be a "rebadged Xerox WorkCentre PE120i". The latter has some OS X drivers. At least one person reports a Tiger machine recognized this device. Here's the manual.

I'm going to check this out. It's intended to be a stanalone fax/copier, so lack of fax software may not be so important as long as the network printing works. For scanning and document management I can attach it to my PC if need be.

Update: web reviews are sparse and often unhappy. Smells kind of fishy.

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