Friday, January 20, 2006

Blogger bug: BlogThis! is mangling URLs

Blogger took 4 months to address a bug with mangling posts when the Link field was enabled. This past month they finally introduced a new version of BlogThis! that enables some rich text editing with Firefox and IE (no bullets though).

It turns out, however, that the new version has a nasty bug of its own. It doesn't encode URLs correctly. This is what you get if you post with BlogThis! against a Google search (I took out the angle brackets so Blogger whould show the html):
href="http://w....q=iraq" demographics="" population="" history="" shia="" sunni="" fertility="">iraq demographics population history shia sunni fertility - Google Search
Blogger is embedding quotes throughout the Google search string. If one hand copies the URL and pastes it by hand into the BlogThis! editing screen it works correctly. This is very easy to demonstrate, so I hope I'll have more luck communicating this bug than I did with my last report .

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