Friday, January 06, 2006

Paste with current style (Cocoa only)

I do this all the time on my XP apps, but it's an annoying trip to the menu. I didn't know of the OS X kb shortcuts. Another reason to use Cocoa apps ... (Firefox, time to go Cocoa!):
macosxhints - Automatically reformat text pasted into Cocoa apps:

... Edit menu in Tiger, the 'Paste and Match Style' option, invoked by the Command-Option-Shift-V shortcut. It does exactly what it says, and I've used it in TextEdit, iChat, and Mail.

This feature is very helpful for pasting things from websites that generally have weird formatting and colors (and require a lot of clicking to remove).

... It's not new to Tiger, though -- in Panther, it was called 'Paste With Current Style,' and accessed via the same shortcut.

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