Saturday, March 11, 2006

What to do with an old CLIE? Children's use.

My CLIE TJ-27 bit the dust when the last of its horrid styli was lost. It still works though. What to do with it?

Give it to the kids. I'll load it up with games; since the platform is dying I should find them pretty cheaply.

One problem is what happens when you sync an OS 4.x device to the newer Palm desktop. Since I don't care about the PDA data I may try it anyway.

I'll add game sites here (more to come):

1. Abolutist: $17 each
2. Palm Store (Slim pickings)
3. Another spot

I think I have more on my old install disks from past versions of the desktop software. I'll dig through those. OS 4.x should run just about anything.

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