Monday, April 24, 2006

iBook: enhanced batteries - TruePower

Macintouch had this one:
TruePower Apple PowerBook & iBook Batteries

FastMac introduced a new line of TruePower high capacity batteries for the PowerBook G4 (Titanium and Aluminum), iBook (all models), and PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet, Lombard and Pismo). The TruePower batteries claim capacity up to 56% more than the Apple originals (depending on model) and include safety features to protect against overcharge, short circuit, and power surges, along with a one year warranty. Introductory prices range from $99.95 for most models to $119.95 for the PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" and PowerBook G3 (2000) Pismo models.


  1. My TruePower battery for AL 15" G4 PowerBook arrived yesterday. I charged it up and was less than delighted to see its capacity listed (both in the Power area of System Profiler and a freeware utility "Cocoanut as 4400 mAh, same as Apple's battery. FastMac claims it's 4800 mAh.

    Their tech support guy said it wouldn't be accurately described until after it's been cycled a few times, and recommended conditioning it by running it out (to the point the laptop goes to sleep for lack of power) and charging it to capacity three times, then checking it again.

    After the first cycle, the capacity listing has dropped to 4340 mAh... Not a REAL good sign! I'll see how it goes after a few more cycles.

  2. Ouch. Thanks for letting us know. Send me an update as you learn more ... (

  3. After multiple conditioning cycles, System Profiler now shows the TruePower battery with Max Capacity of 4440 mAh, a leap forward of about a tenth of a percent from the original 4400... at least it's not dropping! But it's still not 4800 or the 16% increase they claim. Too bad.

  4. After multiple conditioning cycles, it's now showing Max. capacity at 4440 mAh... at least it's not dropping! But it's also not the claimed 4800 or the also mentioned "16% better capacity". Too bad.

  5. Thanks Fred! I'll stick with Apple's batteries for now ...