Thursday, January 11, 2007

Word does not save my custom toolbar

I dislike Word. So I wasn't surprised to see Word 2003 misbehaving. Contrary to this kb article, Word is not "saving" the custom toolbar I embed in It seems to work, but on restart my stuff is gone.

I'll see if I can track this bug down, but initial investigations haven't turned anything up.

Update: If I directly edit and save the result as a template overwriting I can get my changes to stick. I suspect direct editing of is a workaround for issues with styles as well.

Update 3/29/2010: Jon, in comments, suggested: "hold shift while click on the "file menu". Choose "save all". I've not tried this myself; I'm on Word 2007 these days. I've also updated this post to lower my "rant level" -- I'm a mellower guy than I was 3 years ago.


  1. I think it can be the that are read-only or something.

    i just got a case here on my work.

  2. hold shift while click on the "file menu" . choose "save all"

  3. thanks a lot Jon, I'we just lost 3 hours untill i found your answer:-)