Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogger BlogThis!: Drag and drop URLs

This works in the Firefox rich text field that one sees when using BlogThis! in rich-text mode:
1. View a page in Firefox
2. Click on icon displayed next to URL in the url field.
3. Drag and drop into the editing area. A link appears.
It would, of course, be better if the URL was assigned given the page title [1], but I can live with this. I've not seen it mentioned anywhere, though it's a hard topic to search on. I'm sure it's a general property of the Firefox rich text editor. It's a significant time saver.

Incidentally, Blogger 2.0 with Firefox's [2] impressive integrated spell-checking is a qualitative improvement on Blogger 1.0. I've been reluctant to declare that since I've been burned so often by Blogger! Alas, BlogThis! is still stuck in the dark ages; it doesn't support tags. I've got my fingers crossed for BlogThis! 2.0 sometime soon.

[1] Internet Explorer may use the page title, Microsoft Live Writer uses the page title as does old FrontPage 98 (which I still use - it was a good application then).
[2] Don't even think of using Safari.

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