Saturday, April 07, 2007

Windows Live OneCare: maybe Microsoft is still incompetent

How much trouble is Microsoft having with their Windows Live OneCare subscription service? Let me count the ways:
1. Live OneCare is red recently. It says "An error has prevented Windows Live OneCare from installing a required upgrade".
2. I click "get help" and manually check for updates.
3. I get a notice that page URL has changed -- danger! danger! I persist.
4. The update page can't verify my account status.
5. I click the link I'm next shown for technical support.
6. I get this: Page Not Found: "undefined"
What a relief. I was afraid Microsoft was rediscovering competence. Maybe Windows Live Writer is some kind of statistical fluke. This latest debacle gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling ...

Update: unsurprisingly, an uninstall, new download and reinstall fixed the problem.

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