Monday, June 18, 2007

Gordon's Tech - migration to new domain

I've now migrated my three primary public blogs to the domain False alarm, I had some imaginary glitches and switched back to the old url for now. I'll probably switch again in a few weeks because it does actually work including automatic feed updating through the '301 redirect'. Below are some notes I'll leave in for reference ...

Update: Well, that didn't go so well after all. The feeds don't seem to follow the migration, so if you move a blog the old feeds don't seem to work. I'll see if I can get some Google tech support help, but in the past they've been hard to work with.

Update 6/20/07: I was too impatient. A post to Google Groups (I didn't try Google tech support) received a very kind response from "wasted":
I don't use bloglines myself, but Blogger will use a 301 redirect on the blogspot address to go to the new custom domain, for everything including feeds. So any feedreader should follow the redirect...
And so it does. It just takes a bit longer to update than usual, and it follows the common bloglines behavior of showing an unread count of "10". Bloglines updates the URL as well. I did two roundtrips on my test blog and it works. I've switched back to the old urls (hey, I was justifiably nervous) but I'll switch them one at a time over the next few days. It's noteworthy that bloglines managed two roundtrips, a "301 redirect" is "permanent". (see also)

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