Thursday, July 05, 2007

Photosynth tour of the a Korean cultural landmark

We're Korean by adoption, and Photosynth is google-style cool (alas, sadly, not from Google), so I might give this virtual tour a try if I can get it to work with my older PC hardware ...

Microsoft Live Labs - Exploring Ancient Korea

One brisk Seoul winter month, over 4,000 photos were submitted by local Koreans to help construct this synth of Gyeongbok Palace, one of South Korea's finest national treasures. Originally built in 1394, it is the largest palace of the Joseon Dynasty. At its height in the mid 1800's, it covered 330 buildings and over 4 million square feet as the grand home for the royal family...

and there's a Firefox Plug-in too. (Alas, I think it requires a serious GPU, and my iBook has an Intel chip ... won't do ...)

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