Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Firefox 3 is a great OS X browser

My impression is that for users of the Google tool suite, FF 3 is the best OS X browser.

One of the lead engineers explains how that came to be …

Firefox 3 for Mac OS X: Under the Hood « Boom Swagger Boom

Firefox 3 will be released soon (get the RC here). While the release contains a huge number of new features and performance improvements for all platforms, it is particularly significant for Mac OS X users. We rewrote most of the Mac OS X code that was behind Firefox 2 in order to benefit from modern Apple technologies and fix long-standing bugs. Once you try it I think you’ll agree that the results are astounding. I’d like to explain what exactly we did in this rewrite, how Firefox 3 for Mac OS X is different “under the hood.”…

So much better than FF 2!


  1. I find it slower to start loading pages... Do you ever see that?
    Cheers, great blog! Keep it up!

  2. So far it's been faster for me to complete pages, haven't noticed any new loading delay but I'll look for it.

    It is true that some optimizations that speed overall display may introduce a slight load delay.

    It may also depend on connection speed ...