Monday, July 28, 2008

Google adds iCal support

Yesterday I wrote about BusyCal and Spanning Sync for iCal to gCal sync.

Today Google introduced its own version of iCal to gCal sync ..
CalDAV support comes to Google Calendar - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

... Google has just quietly introduced CalDAV support to Google Calendar. CalDAV is the protocol that iCal uses to transmit data over the web. Although some other mail and calendar programs support CalDAV, right now Google Calendar is only compatible with iCal...

After following Google's detailed instructions, you can add your Google calendar account to iCal. Any changes you make in iCal will be transferred over to Google and appear in Google Calendar within about 15 minutes. Likewise, any changes made in gCal will be updated...
Based on Google's Outlook sync tool train wreck I wouldn't jump for joy just yet. I'll certainly take a look, but for once I'm going to resist and watch for the screaming over the next week. I've done my early adopter duties for this month!

For one thing, I'd like to figure out how to match specific calendars. I think that looks doable with some tweaks to the standard instructions ...

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