Saturday, July 26, 2008

Google Calendar - bad iPhone news

I started out with a LOT of options for my calendar migration, but they're dropping like flies.

So while I'm optimistic about BusySync for gCal to iCal sync, I was dismayed by gCal mobile:
Google Mobile - Calendar:

... On the go? Stay on track with Google Calendar on your mobile.

* Keep track of your schedule, without having to sync your phone with your computer.
* Share events and calendars with friends, family, or colleagues.
* Set up mobile phone notifications."
Ok, now reread that marketing drivel. What's not mentioned?

Oh, like, no ability to edit or remove calendar items? So you better make sure your "Quick Add" works, because you won't get a second shot.

Ok, rule that one out. At least, rule it out as a direct option.

Update: Oh, in case you were thinking of injecting the MobileMe calendar into the mix ... there's no support for feeds, or subscriptions in MobileMe calendar. Indeed, the ability to sync iCal calendars was lost in the MobileMe transition.

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