Sunday, July 27, 2008

My iPhone notes post - it's worth a reread

I've been adding to my iPhone notes you won't read elsewhere as I stress test the phone as only an aging information/knowledge geek can.

I think it's getting to be a novel collection.

First mention of "iPhone dermatitis" for example. Parkinsonian stress test. What's great, what's promising, what's good and what's so bad it's frightening. For example, almost anything that was good on the Palm sucks lice on the iPhone. I'm wondering about a toxic mix of patents and foolish arrogance (Palm failed, therefore everything they did was bad).

Oh, and Apple can't do cloud services and, god help us, they can't do synchronization to save their devil-sold souls (neither can Google though).

So if you read the early versions, there's enough there to merit a re-scan I think.

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