Saturday, July 05, 2008

Precipitate: unify your online and local memories (files)

A few hours ago I wrote about my memory management meme. Things are moving even faster than I'd thought [1], because somebody at Google went and coded Precipitate:
Official Google Mac Blog: Precipitate: search your local and online docs 
... you're like me, some of your information is in the cloud and some is on your machine, and you don't always remember what is where. That can make it frustrating when you try to use your favorite local search tool to find something. Isn't the whole point of search that you don't have to remember where you put things?
That's where Precipitate comes in. After you install Precipitate, you can use Google Desktop or Spotlight to find files online (such as those in your Google Docs list) just as you would find files stored on your Mac...
Yep, that's what I need -- a tool to help unify my distributed memory. Precipitate currently supports only Google Docs and bookmarks. When they integrate Google Custom Search (as in my blogs) I'll try it out.
[1] joke.

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