Friday, August 29, 2008

Bento Mobile? FileMaker feels the heat

From the official FileMaker forum, after dozens of fervent pleas for an iPhone version of Bento and/or FileMaker Mobile:
Re: iphone Bento Mobile? - Other suggestions - Bento Forums

... Thank you for your post.

Hearing you loud and clear! Please give us more credit. There have been a lot of users who have requested an iPhone solution, and I have also forwarded your post to our Development and Marketing departments for consideration...
So I'm not the only guy waiting impatiently for iPhone Bento and/or a resurrected iPhone version of FileMaker Mobile to appear. Definitely get the impression it's just a matter of time.


  1. If you're wanting something like FileMaker Mobile, check out

  2. Its also not very difficult to write a native application that talks directly to FileMaker through XML. I've created a few of those already.

    FMTouch is impressive, but my issue with it is its size limitation. I prefer my own native applications rather then using a 3rd party app to do simple things.

    XML is a perfect for creating native simple iPhone apps. The SDK is pretty simple as long as you don't need fancy looking apps.