Saturday, August 16, 2008

GooSync - not yet for the iPhone (soon?)

GooSync specializes in SyncML based phone to gCal sync. Nothing yet for the iPhone though:
GooSync - Supported Devices

A synchronisation application is not yet available for the Apple iPhone.
A tech support forum posting mentions (incredibly) Nuevasync. I'm beginning to think that exchange server approach might work, which is kind of an amazing thought.

Here's a tech support post from July 2008, there's considerable frustration with Apple's struggles (or lack of honesty):
I can confirm that our SyncML client partner has a full working prototype for the iPhone, and as soon as Apple officially offer Calendar and Contacts support so will we.

Apple have announced release dates for official iPhone Calendar and Contacts support since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately these releases have never materialized. The Contacts API will be available soon (or so we're told) but still no calendar API set for release. We have offered release dates this year based on information received from Apple, and this information has thus far proven to be unreliable. Obviously with Apple not offering any solid commitments its impossible for us to either.

I can confirm that there have been working clients on offer for "jail-broken" iPhones. These are something that we do not endorse and will not work on v2.0 iPhones.

We can only apologise for this and can assure you we are as frustrated with the situation as you may be. As soon as there are any solid releases we will be sure to let you know.
Update 8/19/08: See comments. GooSync is waiting on app store approval now ...

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  1. Hi Gordon,

    GooSync for iPhone almost there, we posted the GooSync client to Apples AppStore, just awaiting their approval.

    Chris (GooSync)