Saturday, August 16, 2008

NuevaSync; iPhone to Google Calendar

This is extreme beta -- only for the brave. Interesting, however. Also some notes on Apple's sync framework, which is obnoxious (emphasis mine):
NuevaSync - Over the Air Synchronization

NuevaSync now has support for several Apple products. You can use the new iPhone® 3G as well as the original iPhone® and iPod® touch with 2.0 firmware.
Visit our device setup instructions for information on configuring your Apple device.
You can sync your contacts with Google (GMail) or Plaxo. You can sync your calendar items with Google Calendar.

Apple has chosen always to sync from a clean slate. That means that when you enable sync, your existing contacts and calendar items will be removed and replaced with the external copies. This is an Apple feature, not a NuevaSync one...
I'm tracking their blog. Some (insane?) people are using NuevaSync already.

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