Saturday, August 16, 2008

ScribeFire: so many updates, so little progress

Ive been intermittently using the ScribeFire: a Firefox extension blog editor for about a year.

The "release fast and often" strategy is fashionable now, but ScribeFire is a good counter-example.

It still only shows recently used "labels"/"categories" from blogger. It still doesn't handle blogger's line wrapping correctly.

These aren't subtle things, and they aren't new. They've been present from day one.

Windows Live Writer is proof that, given sufficient genius, these problems are solvable [1]. Release often is not a panacea.

[1] WLW is also proof that there's life at Microsoft. Nobody has released anything comparable for OS X.

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  1. This is Eliana from the ScribeFire team. We understand that our users will always have feature updates in mind and in turn, we are always looking to hear them and incorporate them into our product in order to better it. We are best equipped to handle these issues from our feature request forum:
    We strongly encourage you and any of your readers to please send your great ideas and constructive feedback there!