Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nisus Writer Professional: the undocumented but critical improvement

A year ago I was disappointed to learn that Nisus Writer Professional didn't handle inserted images very well ...
Gordon's Tech: Nisus Writer Professional - the manual is a work of love

... NWP doesn't do image compression! Word has fabulous image compression, so a 2MB Word document can balloon into a 32MB NWP/NWE document....
I'm now on version 1.2, but there's been no reference to any change in how NWP handles images.

Today I retested with a 2.5MB JPEG (high quality compression). An uncompressed TIFF version of this image is 20MB and a compressed PNG is 10MB

Prior to testing an empty Nisus RTF document was 32K. After insertion it was 5MB.

So Nisus is now doing some form of image compression when documents are saved.

This is a big deal for me, but obviously not for most buyers!

I'm glad they made the fix, I feel better now about sticking with NWP.

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