Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0: Apple fixes tune scrolling

I was briefly tempted to install iPhone 3.0, but I checked Macintouch. Lots of issue reports, so I'll wait at least a few more days. I'm trying to be strong.

Meanwhile, I read that Apple fixed something I'd found very annoying. The iPhone is now a better iPod, especially for podcasts ...

... Previously, while listening to a song, you had a simple dot on the song bar to rewind or fast forward. But now in the 3.0 update, you can scroll through songs at various speeds. Put your finger on the scrolling point and it will start glowing. Now, if you drag your finger left or right, you will scroll through the song at 'high speed,' and if you do this movement while dragging your finger down the screen, the speed decreases to 'half speed,' 'quarter speed,' or 'fine scrubbing'...
Navigating a podcast is pretty annoying on iPhone 2.0. I often miss my iPod scroll wheel. I really appreciate this particular fix.


  1. I had the same frustration with scrolling through podcasts on the iPod Touch and iPhone by trying to move the dot and was missing the scroll wheel too.

    I discovered that you can simply press and hold a finger on the forward and back icons at the bottom of the screen to more precisely navigate through podcasts.

  2. Yes, I did learn that myself, but I still missed the wheel's accuracy.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the new feature ... in a few days ... or a week ... or however long I can hold out.

  3. Three fingered tap to bring up the scrollbar.. :)

  4. Sorry. Single tap on album art i mean..