Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Newton lives in the iPhone's CPU

Not exactly news, but still worth noting. The Newton's CPU lives on in the iPhone ...
AppleInsider | A closer look at iPhone 3G S Cortex-A8 ARM and PowerVR chips 
... The Cortex-A8 class is referred to in general terms as ARMv7, not to be confused with ARM7, which was actually a third generation ARMv3 used in the Apple eMate300 a decade ago. Previous generations of iPhone and iPod touch used an ARM11 processor, part of the ARMv6 generation.
Apple partnered with its British equivalent Acorn in the late 80s to adapt Acorn's RISC processor for use in mobile devices, forming the ARM partnership. Apple subsequently used a third generation ARM6 in its first Newton MessagePad in the early 90s...

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