Friday, September 04, 2009

iPhone app review -- check Gizmodo's nifty fifty

Every iPhone user should pay a visit to Gizmodo's iPhone apps directory. It's the best way to find apps you've been missing -- because Apple's site is a pretty useless guide to the enormous app world.

Most of them I use or are familiar with. The ones I'd recommend that they omitted include*:
  • Byline (client for Google Reader): It had quality issues for a while, I wonder if they lost a very key developer. Lately it's been improving.
  • Twitterific: good client, good company
  • i41CX+: HP 41C emulator (note there's an $8 version now with fewer features)
  • Flashlight (free): The app I have is just called "Light" but I don't think it's sold any longer. It works fine. This is the closest equivalent I saw.
  • Dual Level: good for hanging things
When I did this review, incidentally, I was surprised to discover that several apps I bought a while ago have been updated in ways that make them far less useful -- often associated with ways to add revenue (inline ads, add-on fees for things that were formerly available). Yech. (Worst offender: Night Stand)

* URLs are app store links. You get them by right clicking on the App name in the top left of the App description. I've idly wondered how to get these, so I played around a bit.

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