Friday, November 06, 2009

Google Account storage allotment bug

Google has some paid storage issues.

When I look at My Google Account Personal Settings, I see I'm using 83% of my Storage Space (8.27 GB).

However, in Gmail it says I'm using 9.9 GB of 17.2 GB (57%).

In the manage storage view It says I'm using
  • Gmail: 1.6 of 8.33 GB (19%)
  • Picasa: 1 GB (100%)
  • Paid Storage: Picasa 8.27 GB (83%), Available 1.73 GB (17%)
So from some views I'm seeing the sum of my standard Gmail allotment plus 1 GB from Picasa, in other views I'm seeing a percentage of the sum of all my allotments, and lastly I see a view where all the storage allotments are segregated.

These are unlikely to all be correct.

Update 11/10/09: Google is redoing their storage plans, so maybe things will clear up. I don't see the new options yet.

Update 11/11/09: My primary storage now shows 80GB for $20. Here's how it's recorded across Google:
  • Gmail's view: 9.9 GB (11%) of 87.2 GB
  • Account Personal Settings view: 8.27GB (10%) of 80 GB
manage storage view:

Free (total is about 8.27 but Gmail grows continuously)
  • Gmail: 1.6 (22%) of 7.27
  • Picasa: 1.0 (100%) of 1.0
Paid (80 GB)
  • Picasa: 8.27 GB (10%)
  • Gmail: 0GB (0%)
  • Available: 71.73 GB (90%)
Purchase storage view
  • 8.27GB (10%) in use
So it's still somewhat scrambled but the Manage Storage Screen now gets things straight. I seem to have 80GB in my general storage pool, 1 GB in free Picasa storage, and 7+ GB (it increments continuously) of free Gmail storage. So I have over 88GB total. It's still not clear if I can use any of my Gmail allotment for Picasa work, but I suspect not. It looks like future Gmail overflow would go into my 80GB pool, but these days Gmail is back to growing faster than my use.

Now that my storage is north of 80GB however Google can take their time sorting out the varying reports. I have enough for now and I can go back to using Picasa Web albums freely. I'll stay with the $20 a year plan, this gives me headroom for the next few years.

So do this mean gDrive is finally coming?
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  1. I remember reading that GMail storage can't be used for Picasa photos -- but as you said, 81GB should be plenty. And I, too, hope that the drop in storage prices is happening because an online storage product is coming.