Sunday, November 13, 2011

iOS Calendar list view has a two year limit

It's Nov 2011, and we needed to schedule an event in June 2014.

Emily tried her 4S with iOS 5. She tapped through to 2014 in the Calendar view.

In the List view, however, the date was Nov 12 2013, exactly two years from today. There's no way to schedule or view a date more than 2 years in the future in List view, even though Month view extends at least 3 years ahead.

Our iPhones sync with Google Calendar, so perhaps this bug only shows up with ActiveSync. It might be related to a perennial iOS bug: Event displayed under wrong date in "List" view on iPhone - Calendar Help.

Definitely a bug. I confirmed it's also present in iOS 4. It's been said before, but it bears repeating -- Apple sucks at calendars.

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  1. I to have experienced this. I have recently upgraded to iCloud and connected all my apple devices to discover yearly repeat events on the iPad only show into 2013, 2014 is blank!!!

    Apple need to get this sorted