Saturday, May 12, 2012

iOS In App Purchases - they're not backed up

I restored an iPhone from backup -- and discovered at least In-App Purchases don't restore automatically.

I'm now downloading the set from within the app.

It's a pain to do this across all "In App" purchases. I'm surprised there aren't more complaints about the in-app purchasing system; to me it's a big regression from the original App Store model.


  1. I try to avoid iOS in-app purchases whenever I can. I feel about the same contempt towards in-app purchases as I feel towards Facebook apps. It's sad that developers are pushed to in-app purchases as a cruel replacement to paid updates.

    It's in particular bitter if apps I use introduce in-app purchases. Instacast is a recent example …

  2. Same here. It's an awful user experience.

    Apple needs a control-freak user-experience nut to help fix in-app.