Saturday, July 28, 2012

Technology defeats the do not call list

I've been getting repeated calls from 459-121-8344. There are web reports on this number, it's supposedly a telemarketer scam.

AT&T will block this number -- for about $6 a month. I tried reporting it as a violation of the do-not-call registry but of course 459 isn't a real area code (it's spoofed). So it can't be reported.

Google Voice will block these numbers.

I suppose if the problem continues I'll have to port my mobile number to GV.

Update 7/31/2012:

I got several more calls, and I tried AT&T support (611). The representative estimates AT&T is getting about 20,000 complaints a week. So the pressure is building for them to provide a free version of the $5/month 'smart limits' call blocking service. He recommended one of those paper things with stamps on them sent to:

AT&T Customer Service
PO Box 246
Artesia, CA 90702

Be polite, do mention that you're on the do-not-call list (even though cell phones shouldn't need to be added, add your number anyway), and request that AT&T provide free call blocking similar to the smart limits service.

In the meantime I added 459-121-8344 to my Contacts list so I could give it a custom ringtone. Later I'll make a ringtone that's a simple soft beep so I don't even hear it.

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  1. Good thing that we have DNC list is once you are registered with the DNCR and telemarketer neglects to identify their company or themselves they are violating rules. The rules are quite similar to one another with the key word in most of them being telemarketer.