Sunday, September 27, 2020

Things I miss: drag and drop link creation

I've mentioned here a few times that progress is not linear. Howard Oakley has a piece on a related topic today. For example, no application has done text style management as well as Symantec's MORE 3.1 -- which died decades ago. I don't think we'll ever see the like of Apple's Aperture again -- an insanely ambitious app for professional image editing and especially image management. The iPhone is a bit of an improvement over the Palm III, but it took years to equal Palm's task, calendar and note management (yes, really).

Today I mourn one small example of lost progress. It used to be easy to create a link to a web page. You'd click on the something in your browser URL display and drag it onto your web page editor (MarsEdit, FrontPage, Word, some web client editors) and *bingo*, instant link. The page title was the link text, page URL was, well, the URL. I can't do that any more, at least for Blogger (which seems to be in some kind of resurrection lately).

One day ...

PS. Been a while since I thought of FrontPage/Vermeer - Microsoft's 1990s web site manager. It was the Aperture of its day. Very ambitious, buggy, often flawed, but nothing like it now. Parts of it survived into SharePoint Designer, but now that I've mentioned SharePoint I'm spiraling into PTSD ...

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