Saturday, January 29, 2005

HDIUTIL: the essential OS X image management utility

Manual Page For hdiutil(1)

This Darwin man page tells one just how complex hdiutil is. OS X Disk Utility hides much of this, but in some cases it's very handy.

See also:
Some interesting examples:
  • hdiutil convert output.dmg -format UDSP -o iPhotoDiscImageII
  • hdiutil convert output.dmg -format UDSP -o iPhotoDiscImageIII -segmentSize 10m
  • hdiutil create testImage -type SPARSE -megabytes 10000 -fs HFS -volname Pictures -imagekey sparse-band-image=40
NOTE: can use -readwrite to attach an image as readwrite

  • hdiutil attach test.dmg -readwrite

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