Sunday, January 30, 2005

iWork performance

Macintouch - iWork
'm not sure if this has been commented upon yet, but Pages is *slow*. Page redraws are glacial. Steve's presentation showed newsletter text reflowing around the cookie like water. On an iMac in the Tampa Apple Store, I opened that newsletter and text reflow was slow and jerky.

'Well,' I thought, 'It's an iMac,' and moved to a dual 2.0 GHz Power Mac. Barely any better. What was Steve using? Then I tried another template -- 'Club Newsletter'. Try this: Make a Club Newsletter. Drag the keys around. On my mom's 1.25 GHz iMac G4, text reflows/screen updates happen less than once a second.

Reminescent of iLife. I'd like to know how Apple does its product development. Is it all outsourced? What is the quality of their "internal" non-OS development shop? Small vendors, like Nisus, OmniGroup and others do produce high performing OS X software. So we know it's possible, but that Apple can't do it.

Except with iTunes.

So who does iTunes development?

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