Thursday, January 12, 2006

Selected iPhoto 6 tech notes

This query may display up to 250 or so iPhoto tech notes -- or it might not!
It took a lot of retries, changing number displayed, etc, to finally browse the entire collection. I think Apple's servers are still updating.
  • What's new: not Library merging, alas! At least, not documented. I just can't understand why this doesn't make the list.
  • You still can't add shared photos to a Library
  • There's an option to save edited RAW images as 16 bit TIFF
  • You can create and edit rolls, I don't know if that moves files around one's hard drive.
  • iPhoto is not Aperture -- one note says it really works best with JPEG images
  • Control key lets you compare image to original
  • There's a 'create library' menu item.
  • Advanced options: don't import images to library when adding, you can assign a color profile on import to a particular image
I am beginning to think that Apple considers "library merge" to be a hard cutoff between iPhoto and Aperture. If you need to manipulate multiple Libraries, you need Aperture. Absurd. I have no other explanation for why this is not supported however.

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