Thursday, August 03, 2006

Apple's hardware reliability problems

Apple has significant reliability problems with its new Intel based laptops. The heat issues are disappointing. I wonder if we won't see devices worth buying until Apple switches to the Intel CPUs. If my iBook dies, however, I will buy a MacBook. This Macintouch data is about the best we're going to get from anyone. Emphases mine:
MacBook/MacBook Pro Initial Reliability

... Based on what we've seen in this survey, we'd be cautious buying a white or black MacBook until Apple more effectively addresses the heat, noise and trackpad button issues. We'd be reasonably confident buying a brand new 15' MacBook Pro, but keep an eye out for sleep and shutdown problems, and call AppleCare the moment they appear. We would have no hesitation at all buying the 17' MacBook Pro, with or without glossy display...
The iBook G4 was a remarkably stable machine. Rocky times ahead!

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