Thursday, August 03, 2006

Google's web albums -- Access from OS X

Google now has an iPhoto plugin to facilitate uploads to Google's Picasa Albums. Like much of their OS X work it was a 20 percenter project. I'll certainly try it out.

Update 9/3/06:

I uploaded 600MB of images. Worked great. Obviously I paid the $25 or so for the 9GB limit, but that could go pretty darned fasts. Albums are very simple, no cusomization really. RSS feed for each album; iPhoto renders it as a photocast but only shows the thumbs, no way for iPhoto to get the whole thing. XP users can install Picasa and download an entire album, no way for OS X users to do that. Upload was very fast. Can download full res images. Way they display album is different -- no paging, everything on one page. I kind of like it. Good slideshow. No way to order prints.

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