Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The DreamHost migration: getting a transfer authorization code

[Update: if you enter my promo code on signing up with DreamHost, you get $50 off your 1st year fee. The code is: KATEVA.]

To begin migrating my domains from LunarPages to DreamHost, I need to obtain a "transfer authorization code" from the current registrar (which is, in this case, TuCows -- not Lunarpages).

I'm starting out with the simplest parked domain, then gradually moving up the ladder until I migrate my primary domain -- which is actually managed by Network Solutions. For that one I may simply change the DNS settings and wait to see how DreamHost works out over time.

I found this reference to be very helpful: Obtaining An Authorization Code (Auth Code) from Various Registrars.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, my Lunarpages un/pw isn't working with So I'll have to see if I can get Lunarpages support to fix that. Once that's fixed it appears I can obtain the "TAC" and then complete the form that will migrate it to the DreamHost registrar.

And so on down the line ...

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