Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tethering: buying a 3G phone just to tether?

Shortly after Pogue wrote about using the Nokia E71 tethering service, another blogger chimes in
A Glimpse of Our Tethering Future - Inside iPhone Blog

... I'm doing this using a prepaid AT&T GoPhone account that I picked up at the AT&T Mobility Store that's half a block from my office in Manhattan. Andy Abramson, a friend who writes the blog VoIPWatch and runs the Nokia Blogger Relations Program, told me that using a 3G phone in conjunction with a GoPhone account was not only possible, but cheap in comparison with what I would pay for AT&T wireless data services delivered on a 3G-compatible ExpressCard plugged into my MacBook Pro...
I have an unused Nokia 3G phone at home. I wonder if there's a tethering solution for it? The GoPhone angle is interesting.

I wonder if the tethering solution on the Nokia E71 is really approved by AT&T ...

In any case, I need a tethering solution. I gather I'm not alone! I suspect that sooner or later Apple will sell a solution with the iPhone and it will cost at least $30/month to use it with AT&T.

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  1. I remembered your post when I tried to reset and configure my old Nokia E71 'smartphone' as a 'dumbphone' this evening … the E71 was considered an excellent smartphone just a few years ago: Keyboard like a BlackBerry, but much more feature-rich and with many apps available. Today, it shows impressively why Nokia has failed as a smartphone manufacturer since Apple entered the smartphone market.

    Re. tethering: I bought a mobile hotspot from Huawei for use during holidays. In many countries, you can buy relatively cheap pre-paid SIM cards for Internet connections. I mobile hotspot solves the problem that you usually do not want to buy a SIM card for each of your devices (and some of your devices might not have a SIM card slot anyway).

    Re. holidays: The comment I am just writing reminds me of English lessons long ago. Our teacher told us when to use 'in holidays' and 'on holidays'. Well, I solved the issue by using 'during holidays'! ;) And that reminds me of the French word 'vacances' and its usage but that would go too far …