Sunday, December 03, 2017

Canon EOS Rebel SL2: switching the paired iOS (or Android?) device (WiFi, bluetooth)

Older Canons cameras had a lovely IR remote. Worked great.

Now they use a Bluetooth remote — or you can use a complex remote app on an iPhone called Canon

It’s awful.

If you do ever get your camera paired to your iPhone you’ll run into trouble when you switch phones. How do delete the old pairing?

I think you don’t - at least, not directly.

Go to Wireless Communication Settings. Then Bluetooth Function (not Wi-Fi).  Their you check/clear connection info and then do Pairing again. The Wi-Fi info will then get set when you use the Cannon to connect to the Camera’s built-in hotspot.

The trick is you start with Bluetooth, the Wi-Fi settings are stored thereafter.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Facebook's disappearing Pages feed

I remember when you could get an RSS feed for a Facebook wall. Years after that when away there was an RSS feed for Page posts, but I think that’s gone now.

Up until a year ago there was some obscure way to see the Pages Feed (all Pages) in Facebook Mobile, but I think that’s gone too. 

AFAIK the only way to view a page feed on mobile is to save the URL to the Home Screen. Go to then click on tab feed then save. Safari will sync un/pw via keychain across Safari on devices.

Looks like Facebook only wants Pages to show up in the news feed, and then only for a price.

Spotlight bugs in iOS 11.2: Empty contact on search.

I think the spotlight/contact bug was introduced in 11.1. It’s not fixed in 11.2.

If I search in spotlight for a Contact name, or search on Contacts field of phone app, I get an empty (Null) Contact as a result. It has no content.

Turning Search (spotlight) off then on for Contacts restores search, but only transiently. I have 2,162 Contact Cards, I did find one that was empty and deleted it.

I’ve now removed all Contacts from my phone (iCloud) and restored them. I’ll see if that works.