Friday, December 22, 2023

Retiring domain associated with a DreamHost WordPress site - migrating site content to a new domain

I recently decided not to renew a domain managed and registered with DreamHost. That domain had an associated WordPress site. This is the sequence I followed to preserve the content of the site.

  1. Turned off renewal for the domain (domain_old).
  2. In WordPress for domain_old I exported the site as a XML file which I downloaded and archived.
  3. In DreamHost control panel Manage Websites I clicked "new website". This let me add a subdomain to one of my existing domains.
  4. In DreamHost control panel Manage Websites I clicked on domain_old and scrolled down to entry for Domain. That says "change your WordPress site to run under a different domain name". I chose the subdomain I created earlier. This took about 5-10 minutes to run.
  5. When I then visited the subdomain I created the WordPress site came up.
The process only took a few minutes the first time I tried.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Downloading Facebook posts to document a trip

During a recent trip to Seoul South Korea I did a travelogue through Facebook posts about the odd sorts of things that interest me. I wanted to get them into a folder where I'm storying notes and information about the trip.

I found this worked reasonably well:

  1. Follow Facebook's directions for downloading a copy of Facebook data.
  2. Specify posts and the date range you want. If time zones are a factor you may want to go a day beyond what you'd expect. (The first download range ended Dec 15 when we left Korea, but that last day was not in the download. I suspect a time zone bug. I did it again specifying Dec 16.)
  3. Specify HTML as a format and highest resolution images
I was notified the download was ready after about 30 minutes or so. The downloaded archive pages rendered in my browser. It's not a pretty layout but it has my text and images and comments on the images. It didn't include comments on the posts.

Canon DSLR doesn't show icon for remote control - you probably tried using the smartphone bluetooth connection

I have an old Canon DSLR, the EOS Rebel SL2. I think this post may also apply to other Canon DLSRs. 
If your remote used to work but now it doesn't, and the camera doesn't show the icon to enable remote control, chances are that you tried using the Bluetooth feature with a smartphone. You need to find the wireless setup part of your phone settings, then find the Bluetooth setting and turn it back to Remote.

The older cameras are kind of dumb, if you enable Bluetooth for your smartphone you disable the remote functionality.

Once you're fixed the settings issue you'll see the missing remote icon.