Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Downloading Facebook posts to document a trip

During a recent trip to Seoul South Korea I did a travelogue through Facebook posts about the odd sorts of things that interest me. I wanted to get them into a folder where I'm storying notes and information about the trip.

I found this worked reasonably well:

  1. Follow Facebook's directions for downloading a copy of Facebook data.
  2. Specify posts and the date range you want. If time zones are a factor you may want to go a day beyond what you'd expect. (The first download range ended Dec 15 when we left Korea, but that last day was not in the download. I suspect a time zone bug. I did it again specifying Dec 16.)
  3. Specify HTML as a format and highest resolution images
I was notified the download was ready after about 30 minutes or so. The downloaded archive pages rendered in my browser. It's not a pretty layout but it has my text and images and comments on the images. It didn't include comments on the posts.

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