Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The state of iOS parental mobile device management is bad

I recently reviewed Qustodio and found it unusable because the mandatory VPN doesn’t handle the https protocol. Since then I revisited MMGuardian and found they still haven’t implemented password security on their MDM profile. That’s essential, without it any parental control won’t last long.

In my 2016 review Qustodio and MMGuardian were the only candidates to meet basic requirements.

This isn’t rocket science. If MMGuardian implemented password security they’d be crude but effective - but they haven’t. There’s something broken in this marketplace.

If you’re a billionaire and want something working give me a call.

Otherwise we’ll have to see if Jana Partners and the California State Teachers Retirement System can push Cook to add remote MDM to iCloud. If they can’t then I suppose it’s up to the EU.

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